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Decapitation. Death. Destruction.

A deadly game of depravity and destruction including two decapitations. Three key players. Two of those players dead. Only one remains.

In Los Angeles, California, a series of murders occurred during the summer of 1980 that left an indelible mark on countless individuals. This string of brutal and bloody crimes would make the already famous Sunset Boulevard aka the Sunset Strip infamous and a place forever synonymous with the word evil.

This true story blends statements to law enforcement and trial testimony with personal accounts from those who experienced the events firsthand. The psychology behind these violent crimes is explored, along with a look at the psychological state and the possible motives of the individuals.

Doug Clark - convicted of six murders

Carol Bundy - convicted of two murders, including Jack Murray's

Jack Murray - murder victim (as well as the murderer?)

The story surrounding these three lethal lovers has made it a favorite of the media, which relishes in its shock value. The overweight nurse with thick glasses, who should have nurtured lives rather than take them, who stunned police when she gloated, “It’s fun to kill.” Two lotharios with a penchant for wearing women’s undergarments and sadomasochism.

They fed off each others’ twisted desires and savagery. Fantasies gave way to nightmares, and anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path became a potential victim. Intense California heat bathed Sunset Boulevard with the stench of garbage and fear - a smell that emanated relentlessly. It was the smell made by death stalking the street in the form of the Sunset Strip Slayers. 

Get your copy today to explore the shocking reality that came from their dark fantasies.

©2018 Sea Vision Publishing (P)2018 Sea Vision Publishing

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