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    One moment in time could change her future forever.

    From a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author comes a riveting and edgy romance about a young love driven to the breaking point.

    Even though Claudia is part of the McCabe family, with four older brothers she barely knows, she has a dark side no one in their right mind would mess with, and she still sees herself as alone. That is until one night, when she witnesses an unspeakable crime that blurs the lines of morality. Her first instinct is to run, but when a mysterious handsome man enters her life, promising to keep her safe, she’s caught up in a web of secrets, not knowing who to trust. When her brothers unite, will they expose the truth or destroy any hope Claudia has of finding love?

    The McCabe Brothers, a spinoff of the big family romance series The Friessens from a Readers’ Favorite award-winning author and “queen of the family saga” (Aherman)

    Didn’t get a chance to listen to the other books in the McCabe Brothers?

    The McCabe Brothers

    Don’t Stop Me (Vic): Fifteen years ago, Vic McCabe was headed down a one-way road to destruction with the love of his life. But then the unthinkable happened, a mistake that changed their lives forever.

    Don't Catch Me (Chase): He stopped a robbery. Now he has to do the right thing. 

    Don't Run From Me (Aaron): A compelling emotional tale about the undeniable power of second chances.

    Don't Hide From Me (Luc): Sometimes what we can’t see is standing right in front of us all along.

    Don't Leave Me (Claudia): One moment in time could change her future forever.

    ©2017 Lorhainne Ekelund (P)2021 Lorhainne Ekelund

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