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    In this battle of the sexes, the ultimate prize is love.

    Sarah Calhoun is bound and determined to restore honor to the family name the only way she knows how - make her late father's newspaper, the Burr Chronicle, the most successful in the Wyoming Territory.

    Haunted by past scandal, she knows one misstep, one misunderstanding, could bring disgrace back down on her head. Yet that doesn't stop her from running an article about the insulting Jack Donovan. The blasted man is shopping for a wife as he would a horse!

    Jack finally has the house in the kind of town he's always dreamed about. Now all that's missing is a wife. At first, he thinks Sarah's scathing article about his quest is a good thing - until he finds himself hounded by hordes of young girls, spinsters, and widows. Still, he can't stop thinking about the sassy newspaper editor who started it all.

    Sarah is as determined to ignore her impossible attraction to Donovan as she is to uncover his mysterious past. But the harder she digs for his secrets, the deeper he hides them. Until there's only one rock left unturned. His heart.

    ©2012 Debra Mullins (P)2017 Audible, Inc.


    "Narrator Joe Arden portrays a myriad of characters who live in a small town in Wyoming. Rumors and stories circulate among the townsfolk when an elaborately decorated bed is carted down their main street. Local newspaper owner Sarah Calhoun is determined to discover the story behind the bed AND its owner - Jack Donovan, eligible bachelor. Arden ably captures Sarah's strong personality and Jack's debonair ruggedness. Arden's falsetto conveys the snarky attitude of the women who judge Sarah for her scandalous past, including those jockeying for a chance to become Jack's wife. Arden's Southern drawl and well-timed delivery bring out the male characters' jocular humor and exaggerate their buffoonish traits. As the heartfelt attraction that develops between Jack and Sarah is made palpable, Arden's deep tones and dramatic pacing sizzle with temptation and sensuality." (AudioFile Magazine)

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