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All You Need to Know About Dogs
Autor: Amy Morford
Sprecher: John Eastman
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 22 Min.

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Amy Morford understands dogs in the same way that Bill Gates understands computers. She's trained them for more than twenty years and can help you train yours. Morford understands that training an owner is as important as training the dog because good dog parents raise good dogs that listen, obey and live well-adjusted happy and healthy lives. Bad dogs go to heaven too, but good dogs have an especially good time living well-mannered lives here on earth!

DoggyPedia: All You Need to Know About Dogs!

Dog training for both trainers and owners is an A to Z comprehensive guide covering all of the major (and minor) issues related to dog training-starting from puppyhood and extending well into the twilight years. Using "plain English" Morford carefully explains the dog training process while teaching listeners how to train their canine companions to obey simple commands. Once the foundation is set, she devotes multiple chapters to discussing specific negative behaviors while providing detailed solutions.

The final chapters brim with essential information on how to care for faithful companions who have transformed from spunky energetic puppies to more fragile and aging "best friends." From special senior dog grooming tips to vet care options and necessities for older canine companions, it's all here!

If you want to avoid dog training pitfalls and blunders and raise a healthy, happy and enviable canine companion, DoggyPedia has got it all covered. From puppyhood to adulthood and beyond, you'll turn to this guide again and again to help you provide the very best training and care for every stage of your beloved dog's life - because well -trained owners raise well-trained dogs!

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