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Dog Eldercare

Caring for Your Middle-Aged to Older Dog (Dog Care for the Older Canine)
Autor: Amy Morford
Sprecher: John Eastman
Spieldauer: 54 Min.

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To address the changing needs of middle-aged and elderly dogs, canine health and training expert, Amy Morford, offers comprehensive information and tips to keep your dog healthy, happy, engaged and as active as possible during his or her twilight years.

Morford wrote Dog Eldercare: Caring for Your Middle-Aged to Older Dog to help dog owners understand the aging process of their pet. To take optimum care of an aging dog, owners need to be prepared for routines like diet, exercise and health needs to change radically as their dog ages.

You Will Learn: how fast different breeds age; how to calculate your dog's 'real' age; the visible signs of aging; the most common diseases that affect older dogs; the importance of vet care, dental care and medical tests; tips on grooming, bathing, clipping nails and massage; and how to recognize the special needs of senior dogs.

Morford details and explains all of the important issues you'll need to deal with and encourage the proactive quality care that will vastly improve your elderly dog's quality of life on a daily basis.

This guide will help you provide compassionate care for your canine best friend as he or she evolves from puppy or young adult into a dignified and happy senior companion.

©2013 Amy Morford (P)2013 Amy Morford


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