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Divine Intervention

Autor: Debra Swan
Spieldauer: 2 Std.

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In 19th century New Brunswick - during a time when Catholics where shunned and struggled to survive - Alice, abused and corrupted by her father's bigotry, weaves a web of deceit that eventually affects the whole town. To achieve her ultimate goal of independence from her father, the town Pastor, she must stoop to unthinkable depths even she can't fathom.

Believing the hand of God is guiding her way, and unaware of the events spiraling out of control, she is led down a path of no return, hoping that in the end the man she secretly loves will be at her side. Unbeknownst to Alice he is battling his own demons, not the least of which is choosing between the woman he is obligated to take care of and the one he secretly loves - neither of which is Alice.

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