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    Strength from weakness

    Disability becomes power

    Six stories with one impactful message:

    • A voiceless child painting visions of death
    • A killer with a deadly message plagued by a burden of guilt
    • A priestess divinely empowered to absorb others' pain
    • A soldier fighting for courage in the face of fear
    • A broken warrior-priest on a mission of vengeance
    • A thief desperate to escape the burden of his memories

    Betrayed by mind or body, these people struggle to survive in a grim world that takes no pity on the weak. Yet they will discover that they are simply different, not damaged.

    You'll be hooked by this collection of fantasy stories that shatters the preconceptions of what is possible. With each word, you'll be drawn in further and further. These stories may even change the way you see the world.

    ©2017 Andy Peloquin (P)2018 Andy Peloquin

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