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    Mary Brown is funny, gorgeous, and bonkers. She's also about six stone overweight. When she realises she can't cross her legs, has trouble bending over to tie her shoelaces without wheezing like an elderly chain-smoker, and discovers even her hands and feet look fat, it's time to take action. 

    But what action? She's tried every diet under the sun. This is the hysterical story of what happens when Mary joins "Fat Club", where she meets a cast of funny characters and one particular man who catches her eye. 

    This audiobook is the first three titles in the series all together. The story is laugh-out-loud funny and will resonate with anyone who has dieted, tried to keep up with any sort of exercise program, or spent 10 minutes in a changing room trying to extricate herself from a way-too-small garment that she ambitiously tried on and in which she is now completely stuck.

    ©2017 Alison Kervin (P)2018 Alison Kervin

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