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    I'm Luther Cross, but you already knew that. It's hard to forget a dangerously handsome, effortlessly stylish half-demon like myself. I earn my living using my knowledge of the occult and demonic heritage as Chicago's foremost paranormal investigator. My last case roped me into a potential war between heaven and hell, and though I managed to stop the crisis, the big threat's still out there.

    An angel is trying to kick-start Armageddon, but there's only one person who knows that angel's identity. And he's stuck in the one place no one can touch him - purgatory. There's only one way I can learn the truth, and that's by facing the dangers of purgatory.

    Fortunately, I'm not alone. Unfortunately, my traveling party includes a demon trying to corrupt me and an immortal killer I had to con. What could possibly go wrong?

    ©2017 Percival Constantine (P)2018 Tantor

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