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Developing Leaders in Business and Life

Autor: Mark Sanborn
Sprecher: Mark Sanborn
Spieldauer: 37 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

Best-selling author Mark Sanborn is a leadership development professional. In his work titled Developing Leaders in Business and Life, Sanborn asks his audience to think of self improvement as an exciting habitual activity. Can you overthrow your stale identity and choose to be more dynamic? What would happen if you capitalized on your potential? How much better can you be as a person, a worker, a leader? What concrete and abstract gifts can you bring to each table? How do you augment the value of what you bring to the table? Sanborn offers a seven step process that will enable his initiates to constantly evolve.


Every wonder just how good you could be? Do you have a strategy for taking your own performance - and your organization - to the next level?

In this idea-packed presentation, Mark Sanborn will challenge your thinking and provide you with tools you can use to upgrade everything you do. You'll learn a seven step process for continually making your best better including: the power of "plus +" to help you add value to your products and services, the new rules of learning, how to outthink rather than outspend your competition, secrets achievers use to exploit change, and the power of IQ - Implementation Quotient.

©2005 Mark Sanborn (P)2005 Made for Success

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