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    There is powerful breakthrough awaiting people who pray desperate prayers. Using the prayer of Hannah as a model, Apostle John Eckhardt invites listeners to a life of prayer that consistently sees results. Through biblical teaching and practical application, this book takes listeners through the five key points of Hannah’s prayer that can help them remain steadfast in prayer.

    • Getting desperate for God to deliver the answer to their prayers
    • Persevering despite torment, harassment, and a broken heart 
    • Seeking the presence of God
    • Making a vow to God and keeping it
    • Prophesying and watching new things spring forth

    When all options are exhausted and everything we were holding on to has failed, God steps in. He hears our cries and remembers his promises to us. He never turns away the desperate. The dreams and visions God has placed in the hearts of his people will come to pass, when we learn to pray desperate prayers.

    ©2018 eChristian (P)2018 eChristian

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