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    Deserved to Be Loved is the coming of age story of Rodney, a black gay teen, and Mike, his on the down low lover. 

    Set in the brutal backdrop of 90's era New Orleans, it follows the star-crossed lovers as they discover not only each other but the tenants of their own sexuality. They must face the realities of a world that might not fully accept them. The harshness of the homo thug image and New Orleans housing projects is vividly painted in this fast-paced, no holds barred thrill ride laced in a love story. It feels so gritty and so real that it is nearly ashamed to be called fiction. 

    Deserved to Be Loved delivers, with authentic dialog, fresh realism, and a colorful cast.

    ©2018 Rodney Joseph Roussell (P)2020 Rodney Joseph Roussell

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