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    Discover how to overcome depression and anxiety to transform your life and feel happy now....

    Do you worry too much? Are you often sad or down in the dumps? Do you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you avoid people more than you should. If so, you're probably dealing with some type of anxiety or depression.

    Depression and anxiety are serious problems - they darken vision and distort thinking while draining joy and pleasure from life. Everyone feels sad or worried from time to time. Unpleasant feelings are a normal part of life. But when depression or anxiety interferes with your work, play, and/or relationships, it's time to take action.

    Good news! You can conquer these problems. And this anxiety and depression workbook will help you. You can use this workbook on its own or as a supplement to counselling. In either case, numerous studies show that self-help efforts work. Experts estimate that almost a quarter of the people in the world will experience significant problems with anxiety at some point in their lives. And between 15 and 20 percent will succumb to the ravages of depression at one point or another. Unfortunately, many people suffer from both of these maladies.

    Over the years, we've known many clients, friends, and family members who have anguished over anxiety or depression, but most of them have found significant relief. So, if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or both, you're not alone. We join you in your battle by giving you research-based strategies and plenty of practice opportunities to help you defeat depression and overcome anxiety.

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn....

    • What is anxiety and depression?
    • What causes anxiety?
    • Signs of anxiety and depression
    • What is cognitive behavioral therapy?
    • Freeing yourself from depression and anxiety
    • Relaxing the heart and soul
    ©2018 Callum Rawling (P)2018 Callum Rawling

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