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    Dive into the season's finale with Nicole and her Demigods friends.

    Being a superhero is exhausting - Nicole knows that well. Since the Gods have done nothing but put her through unimaginable tortures, she’d have every reason to join the Corpse King in his quest for revenge. Yet, joining the vengeful king would be a terrible and drastic action.

    As she tries to stop him from leaving Olympus, after kidnapping the 12 Hours, Nicole’s power arises - revealing that she can jump through time. An ability unheard of by the Gods, because only Chronos himself can control time… 

    And, now that the Corpse King knows Nicole’s secret, her life is in jeopardy. Even worse, her power is still a liability, more than a weapon she can use against him. She knows that fighting a whole undead army is basically her only option to rescue the Hours before he uses them for whatever he has planned.

    Except, Nicole has been trapped in his diabolical plan.

    ©2021 Elisa S. Amore (P)2022 Elisa S. Amore

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