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  • DefrICtion: Unleashing Your Enterprise to Create Value from Change

  • FruITion, Book 3
  • Geschrieben von: Chris Potts
  • Gesprochen von: Tom Taverna
  • Serie: FruITion, Titel 3
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 23 Min.

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    Michael is CEO of a $64 billion global corporation, driving a strategy founded on productivity and growth. Despite having "best practices" spearheaded by finance in place, he's convinced that many of the company's investments in change are still not delivering the most value they can - or even the value they promised. Late one night, while reading a hard-to-believe business case for an IT transformation, he makes it his business to find out why.

    With the help of his inner circle of trusted executives and managers, and the serendipitous appearance of a friend-of-a-friend, Michael discovers what's been missing all along in the boardroom, the businesses, and the company culture. He is faced with deciding if it's worth it to sort things out once and for all, with a strategy that combines enterprise architecture and investing in change.

    In this conclusion to the trilogy that began with FruITion and continued with RecrEation, Michael finds that the consequences for everyone are part cultural, part structural, and part operational. They mean challenging some of the orthodoxies that were supposed to solve the problems, but have made things worse instead. What will he choose to do?

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