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A Stepbrother Romance
Autor: Kira Ward
Sprecher: Lynn Devereux
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 1 Min.

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I'm a beast in the courtroom and an animal in bed.

I spend all day telling my clients to keep their mouth shut so I can get them off whatever charge they've managed themselves caught up into. I'm one of the meanest attorneys in NYC, and women can smell money and confidence from a mile away. I win cases, and I can get any girl. Except for one, and she's making my life a living hell.

My stepbrother hates me.

I've screwed up again, and here he comes to bail me out. Crawford. Sexy, powerful Crawford. He's barely acknowledged my existence since what happened between us years ago. Hell, the only reason he's coming to help me now is because Mom begged him to. I know I shouldn't have drank that night. I shouldn't have got into that car. My life is in Crawford's hands, but I'd love nothing more than my body to be in those hands as well.

©2015 Kira Ward (P)2016 Kira Ward

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