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    Kilhaven has officially gone to shift.

    Four years have passed since Officers Norman Green and Heather Valance got lucky on their bloody raid, and the world isn't exactly a better place for it.

    Kilhaven's murder rates have skyrocketed. Police recruitment is scraping from the bottom of the swamp.

    An unofficial war between werewolves and vampires has reached a fever pitch.

    And Green wants nothing to do with it, even if it is all his fault.

    But an unexpected visitor is about to change everything....

    With newfound skin in the game, Officer Green catches the scent of conspiracy, one that wafts from deep in Kilhaven's high society. So deep, those who sense it within the department are too scared to speak a word of it to others, even those they trust the most....

    Innocent lives may be at stake, but Green can't follow this trail on his own and hope to survive it. Unfortunately, the one person who could help him is also the one woman who got him - and all of Kilhaven - into this mess in the first place...

    Can Green and Valance team up once more without making a shifty situation even shiftier?

    Deep Shift is the fourth book in the paranormal Kilhaven Police series, which is best enjoyed in order. If you like unfiltered characters, supernatural suspense, and a gory good time, you'll love this epic ride along from Brock Bloodworth and H. Claire Taylor.

    Buy now to finally feel something again.

    ©2020 FFS Media (P)2021 FFS Media

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