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    Not sure who should get your vote?

    Trumped is a humorous look at Donald Trump the candidate and Donald Trump the man. If you don't know the difference between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and a cow patty, this short book may be an eye opener. In less than 30 minutes, you will know more than the next 10 guys sitting beside you at the bar.

    You will discover interesting tidbits, such as:

    • Who gave Trump his signature nickname, "the Donald"
    • Where you can find semi-nude photos of the future first lady
    • What illicit business started Trump's grandfather on his way to fame and fortune (and no, it's not bootlegging)
    • Which Trump wedding guest "the Donald" is battling with for a seat in the Oval Office
    • Who the New York Times says is responsible for the rise of Trumpism

    Invest a half hour.

    Discover more than you ever wanted to know about Donald Trump.

    ©2016 Nick Vulich (P)2016 Nick Vulich

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