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Deception and Surrender: With the Bonus Novella The Billionaire's Reunion

The Billionaire's Temptation Series, Book 4
Autor: Cali MacKay
Sprecher: Reid Kerr
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 31 Min.

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Maddie's never had any luck at love, especially not with three overprotective brothers hanging around. And with her family's newfound fortune, she can't help but wonder if potential suitors are actually into her - or if they just want to get their hands on the money.

When Damien, her brother's friend, comes into the picture as a business partner, Maddie knows he's strictly off limits despite being damn good looking and already the heir to a massive fortune. Yet, despite knowing better, she can't help but fall for Damien when she strikes a bargain with him, asking him to get her up to speed on everything she's clueless about sexually.

Damien knows Maddie's proposition is a bad idea, especially since the Rykers will likely beat him to a pulp for touching their sister. Yet he can't help himself when it feels like the last grains of sand are trickling through the hourglass to his freedom. He just needs to decide if true love is worth what he stands to lose and whether or not Maddie will ever forgive him for his deception.

Now with the bonus novella The Billionaire's Reunion! Find out if Morgan and Zoe get to be a part of their little girl's life and whether Rose, mother to the Ryker clan, can find a way to forgive her husband after 15 years apart.

©2014 Cali MacKay (P)2016 Cali MacKay

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