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Debt & Bankruptcy Terms: Financial Education Is Your Best Investment

The Simple Guide to Debt Management, Collection & Consolidation, Debt Relief & Elimination
Autor: Thomas Herold
Sprecher: William Bahl
Serie: Financial IQ Series, Titel 11
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 55 Min.

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Learn important debt and bankruptcy terms you should know.

Bankruptcy is fast becoming an everyday topic of conversation. Like most specialties, bankruptcy law has a language of its own. Its unfamiliar words and phrases make it difficult to comprehend.

It is important to understand key terms and phrases while going through the bankruptcy process. Not only will this help when speaking with your lawyer but also assist you if you are required to go to court.

If you are filing for bankruptcy, it is important to understand each term so that you understand each person’s role and what is happening. You do not want to misunderstand the different types of debts or assets and confuse which debts may be wiped out or what property may be taken and sold in order to pay off your debts.

This practical debt and bankruptcy guide helps you understand:

  • Debt inheritance
  • Dealing with tax debt
  • Steps to pay off debt
  • Debt relief and debt forgiveness
  • The debt collection process
  • Good and bad debt
  • Downside of filing for bankruptcy
  • Steps detailing what happens if you declare bankruptcy
  • Ways how bankruptcy works and who pays for bankruptcies
  • Effects of declaring bankruptcy
  • The three types of bankruptcies

If you don't understand various financial terms, chances are you may inadvertently damage your credit or even end up deeper in debt. This practical audiobook explains over 140 of the most important and commonly used debt and bankruptcy terms. Every term is explained in detail, with clear and concise article style description and practical examples.

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