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    Marriage counselor Nancy Werlock didn't want to take over the family business. Unfortunately for her fate, and a bunch of conniving but well-meaning spirits, have other plans.

    Now Nancy finds herself fumbling through exorcisms and sorting applications for a new apprentice. Because for Werlock women, the family business is demonology. And at the Three Wishes Boutique, the customer may not always be right, but he may very well be possessed.

    Dear Diary: Upon learning of her mother's sudden death, Nancy decides to convert one of the last gifts her mother gave her into a personal journal.

    Homecoming: While sorting through her mother's business records, a desperate customer asks Nancy to help her banish evil spirits from her home. But when Nancy realizes what is really causing the haunting, she'll need to use a different type of magic to set things right.

    The Apprentice: After a close call with a brutish drunk driver, Nancy finds herself the focus of a handsome young man who seems to have accidentally manifested psychic powers. Can she help him learn to control his powers and keep her hands off of him at the same time?

    ©2012 Julie Ann Dawson (P)2013 Julie Ann Dawson

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