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    Long live danger pay.

    Ten years ago, a meteor storm strafed the earth with deep space shrapnel. In the aftermath, crash sites around the world went radio silent.


    Most of these Deadzones were claimed by cartels and warlords. The low orbit corporates use others for weapons testing. And biosphere mutations have altered some beyond recognition.

    The Chain is a mercenary guild specializing in Deadzone ops. Its members bow to no country, have no commanding officers, and choose their own missions. The Chain only has one rule: once you go in, you don't come out until the job is done.

    For two years, Blair has been stalking the margins of a notorious Deadzone, trying to find a way in. Now the guild is offering to get her over the border - for a price. A handful of missions is all they ask. Survive them, and Blair will get her shot. But she'd better decide fast, because the hoverboat is waiting.

    ©2021 Liam Clay (P)2021 Liam Clay

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