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    All that glitters isn't gold!

    Be careful what you wish for because it might come true. David Finkleman finds out what that saying means when he stumbles upon a leprechaun's pot of gold while collecting herbs for Gramps. It's filled with wishes and a cursed barrette and comb that belong to the Sidhe. David unwittingly gives the barrette to his girlfriend, Sabrina, dooming her to a life of a fairy, and betrothing her to the Prince of the Sidhe! His brother, Henry, steals the hair comb, making him so vain he can't concentrate on anything but his handsome face.

    Can David save two people he loves before their lives change forever? And when he needs his father's help what will his dad do? With a pot of coins will David’s wishes make his life better or chaos? Join David, Sabrina, Henry, Gramps, Hoss, and the rest for another adventure in The Curse of the Gold.

    ©2014 P. K. Burian (P)2018 P. K. Burian

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