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    Dating Ideas for All Occasions

    This dating guide has creative ideas and the help you need for creating a fun, romantic, and adventurous dating extravaganza, even if you are on a limited budget. Inside, you'll find a large selection of ideas for taking out your special man or woman that range from cheap to expensive.

    Here are the chapter headings from the book:

    • First Date Ideas
    • Romantic Date Ideas
    • Cute Date Ideas
    • Cheap Date Ideas
    • Expensive Date Ideas
    • Creative Date Ideas
    • Surprise Date Ideas
    • Unique Date Ideas
    • Anniversary Date Ideas

    This book is filled with amazing ideas for dating. You will find a large range of options spanning from dates that cost very little to some that cost a ton of money. Regardless of whether a date is meant to be for a short-term or long-term relationship, planning for the event can take up some time. This book is presented to you to help you plan and to impress and win your date's heart. Whatever dating experience you desire - romantic, cheap, cute, unique, blind, anniversary, or fist date - you will find great ideas in this book.

    ©2016 Creating Residuals Inc (P)2016 Creating Residuals Inc

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