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    Forget Excel sheets and static bar graphs and charts - there are more innovative ways that you can capture data, make sense of it, present it to your colleagues, and take the necessary action to provide value for your business. With today's fast-paced world and cutthroat competition, your organization may fall behind if you fail to make use of the emerging trend of big data and data analytics.

    Whether you want to understand client behaviors, reduce processing time in your factory, integrate information from several branches, or implement a paperless office, this book can become your guide on how you can use big data and data analytics to advance your business.

    This comprehensive guide to the most emerging trend of analytics will allow you to understand:

    • What big data analytics is and why it is a big and serious deal for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game
    • Why big data and data analytics are critical elements in encouraging business growth
    • How businesses are using the different types of data analytics and how you can choose one that fits your needs and goals
    • The latest tools, technologies, and trends in big data and data analytics
    • What data mining is and how it can help your business find the kind of data that would add value to your organization
    • What data integration is and how it can help you combine all available data sets into one view for easier analysis and response
    • What data visualization is and how it can help you communicate your business story to your managers, customers, partners, and other business stakeholders
    • How you can formulate the right data analytics strategy and follow a simple action plan

    This book is designed for beginners so even though data analytics requires ample education and training, it could be your guide toward mastering the concepts and eventually applying them.

    ©2017 Jeff Reed (P)2017 Jeff Reed

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