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    Lola doesn’t particularly want a new stepmother. Especially not one who has come out of nowhere and only been with her dad for three months. And she’s not racist or anything, but since when did her dad fancy black women anyway?

    Darling didn’t particularly want a new stepdaughter. Especially not one as spiteful and spoilt as Lola. She does want Lola’s dad, though. And he wants her, so that’s that: Darling and Lola will just have to get used to each other.

    Unless Lola can find a way to get rid of Darling.

    ©2018 Rachel Edwards (P)2018 HarperCollins Publishers


    "Sure to be a reading group favourite." (Metro)

    "Dark, provocative and a refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre. Darling and Lola are both brilliant creations." (Emma Curtis, author of One Little Mistake)

    "A pile-up of devastating plot twists." (Bernardine Evaristo, author of Booker-winning Girl, Woman, Other)

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