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Dark Idol: A Mike Angel Mystery

Mike Angel Mysteries, Book 5
Sprecher: James C. Lewis
Serie: A Mike Angel Mystery, Titel 5
Spieldauer: 8 Std.

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Amidst racial divisions in 1964 Chicago, Mike receives an anonymous note with a 1934 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note and a cryptic message that the bill is payment for unspecified future trouble. Tracking down the sender spins into a 40-year-old kidnapping case involving four US Army officers in World War I, stolen gold with connections to the French Bonnot gang (the first to use autos in bank robberies), a Babylonian sex goddess cult, and trouble from Henry Ford's grandson. Death and lust stalk Mike and Rick on this one, and threatens their client, who becomes the sacrificial sex object of the cult.

You'll find murder, action, suspense, and the typical quicksand that is Mike's struggle about love and commitment to Molly in this the fifth volume of the Mike Angel Mystery series of complex, historical, and erotic novels.

Warning: This is a noir novel complete with sarcastic humor back when PC wasn't eroding logic. If you find yourself laughing occasionally, that's okay. It's not a comedy.

©2011 Horizon Micro Publishing LLC (P)2015 David H. Fears


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