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    The fae king once tried to break me, but now...I’m coming for him.

    After being exiled from the only home I’d ever known, I swore to never return. Instead, opting to start a new life offering my services to supernaturals who’d rather not get their hands dirty.

    When a distractingly handsome and alluring fae shows up asking for my help, my initial reaction is to refuse. There’s a darkness in him that beckons me, and in my experience, any type of connection is a weakness I can’t afford.

    However, after I discover the identity of his enemy, I find myself pulled into his battle, hoping to slay a few of my own demons in the process.

    As something sinister attempts to take control, I’ll have to decide whether to continue doing things my way...or chance the risk and let others fight beside me.

    The only thing I know for sure is that the fae king’s biggest mistake was thinking he broke me, and my biggest victory will be proving him wrong.

    This is the first book in a new series featuring a crass anti-hero female lead and recommended for ages 16+. 

    ©2020 Heather Renee (P)2020 Heather Renee

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