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    Schemes, double-crosses, and evil incarnate.

    Ema Marx is in a race against time. Or rather, a race against Apollyon. A powerful weapon - the legendary philosopher's stone - could tip the scales in favor of whoever gets their fangs on it first. For Ema, obtaining the stone is an uphill battle through love, alliance, heartbreak, and loyalty.

    Winning should mean the beginning of beautiful things, but the closer Ema gets to her destiny, the more uncertain her future becomes. Is it possible the prophecy was never meant for her? And why the heck doesn't morning sickness adhere to the rules of its own name?

    Butt-kicking heroines, epic heartache, and pause-resisting moments abound in Dark Becoming, the third installment of the five-times award-winning Ema Marx series by J.D. Brown.

    Continue the journey that has millions of urban fantasy fans on the edge of their seats! Download Dark Becoming today.

    ©2020 J.D. Brown (P)2020 J.D. Brown

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