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    An utterly unpauseable and emotional pause-resister

    If you like Diane Chamberlain, you are going to love Linda Huber’s latest gripping psychological thriller.

    "I have read books by Linda Huber before, but this has taken her into another league! Just get ready to have the stuffing knocked out of you on every page." (Susan Hampson, Books from Dusk Till Dawn)

    A mother and daughter torn apart

    An explosive accident on the way to Glasgow airport leaves Daria hurt, bereaved, and confused. Her daughter has vanished without a trace, and nobody is telling her what happened. Evie’s gone. That’s all. Gone. What does Daria have left to live for?

    A mother and daughter reunited

    Margie can’t believe it. Bridie is hurt. Bridie needs her. They manage to escape the smoke, the noise and the confusion. They are together, that’s all that matters. Everything will be better in the morning, Margie tells Bridie. And it will.

    The bonds that never break

    Will Daria ever be able to put the pieces of her tattered life back together after the loss of her daughter? Is it possible that things aren’t quite as they seem? Can the unimaginable turn out to be the truth?

    Linda Huber's brilliant novel is a compelling and moving tale of motherly love, loss, and redemption that you won't be able to pause.

    ©2021 Hobeck Books Ltd and Linda Huber (P)2021 Hobeck Books Ltd

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