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    America’s most popular western novelists ride hard in their newest adventure as fearless pioneer Breckenridge Wallace carves out a future in the unforgiving American frontier.

    Justice is hard to reach.

    When it’s on the other side of hell.

    A Rocky Mountain winter has left Breck reeling from the carnage unleashed by bloodthirsty trapper Judd Carnahan - and readying a quest for vengeance as ruthless as their prey. It gets even deadlier when Carnahan lays siege to a trading post on the Yellowstone River. He’s left the owner dead and kidnapped a pretty hostage who can turn a nice profit once he puts her to work. 

    Following his trail takes Breck clean to Santa Fe, where Carnahan’s set up a brothel bursting with hardened beauties, a saloon for cutthroats and thieves, and a trap for the Frontiersman who’s tracked him every bloody step of the way. But over the rough, merciless miles it’s taken Breck to get here, he’s built up a raging fury that’s going to make this unholy town swim in blood.

    Performed by Ken Jackson, Jonathan Lee Taylor, Tim Getman, Jessica Lauren Ball, Amanda Forstrom, Thomas Keegan, Gary Telles, Terence Aselford, Chris Davenport, Bradley Smith, Richard Rohan, Rose Supan, Mort Shelby, Scott McCormick, Michael Glenn, Michael John Casey, Nanette Savard, Stephon Walker, Marni Penning, Chris Genebach, Sasha Olinick, Todd Scofield, Colleen Delany, Dylan Lynch.

    ©2018 J. A. Johnstone (P)2018 Graphic Audio, LLC

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