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    Her moment of triumph was finally at hand. Or at least that’s what Daisy thought before everything flipped on its axis and went to straight to hell. But that was par for the course in Daisy’s life, and she was becoming somewhat accustomed to expecting the unexpected. This, however, took it to a whole different level. One far worse than she would ever have thought possible.

    With her home in jeopardy, her loved ones in harm’s way, and her plans for all of their survival in doubt, Daisy once more found herself forced to step up and take charge, fighting the hard battle she so desperately wanted nothing to do with.

    Unfortunately, the alien forces that had devastated her planet seemed to be much more of a threat than she had ever realized, and if she didn’t move quickly, whatever fleeting victories she had achieved in the past would soon be negated by her losses in the near future.

    With a rag-tag team of scrappy survivors, Daisy reluctantly set out on what was her most difficult and audacious effort yet. But if she somehow succeeded, she might just save not only her own world, but others’ worlds as well.

    ©2018 Scott Baron (P)2020 Scott Baron

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