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Daily Routines

30 Days to Achieve Enormous Gains in Life, Love and Happiness with Simple Daily Habits
Sprecher: Stephanie Quinn
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 16 Min.

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Would You Follow Simple Daily Routines If It Meant Improved Life, Love, and Happiness?

When the excitement and thrill of new activities slowly starts to fade, your happiness and quality of life starts to dwindle with it. You start to question if this is the only purpose of living - waking up early for your breakfast and spending eight to 10 hours at your work. There is a way to set up your life so that you are fulfilled each day and the activities you perform have meaning. Get started now and jump start your new beginning to better habits. It only takes 30 days to achieve amazing things. There are certain magical changes that happen within the brain when new habits are performed and then repeated.

Simple Habits Can Have Amazing Impacts

You have to realize that you have the time to form a new routine or a habit that can gain your happiness back. Happiness comes in many forms; it could be small or it could be a big surprise waiting for you. No one or nobody can dictate your happiness and live your life in general. It is your own decision and your own choice.

In this audiobook, you'll experience how to gain your happiness back in life and love by doing daily routines for 30 Days. Yes, not 100 Days, but 30 Days.

Use this book as a guide to enjoying life and form your own simple habits to achieve in 30 days....

Download Daily Routines to build a plan for yourself to achieve enormous gains in life, love, and happiness.

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