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    Your students will leave your classroom one day. They will either go to college, military, work or do nothing. Some will get married and have kids right away. Many will live average lives. Some will go on to achieve massive success. Regardless of what you say or do, they will make their own decisions about their lives.

    They will make mistakes and they will fall at some point. If you have taught them well, they will remember your words of wisdom as they fall. Your words will help pick them up when they fall. This thought gives me chills because it reminds me that a teacher’s impact lives beyond the grave. Our words and deeds live on through others.

    Have you ever had kids come to talk to you who aren't even in your class? Have you ever had kids sit next to you for no reason? What are they looking for? Think about this! You are a teacher. You are an expert at learning. You may be their academic coach. Kids sit next to you to hear words that their friends never say. Some of them will never hear these words at home. Therefore, make it a daily practice to speak life into the lives of other people, especially students.

    ©2019 Latasha M. Jimerson (P)2020 Latasha M. Jimerson

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