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D&D Night at the Brewer Brothers' Meth Lab

Autor: David Bain
Sprecher: Quintin W Allen
Spieldauer: 32 Min.

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Living in the boonies, the Brewer brothers watch cartoons, play Dungeons and Dragons...and cook meth. But Crag Cahill, his henchmen - Mickle, Yeehaw, and Erwin - and their new associate Bear Monroe are in the same business and bent on taking out the competition!

David Bain's listeners might recognize Crag Cahill from the Will Castleton psychic detective novel Death Sight, and Yeehaw from Blood Tides, and Bear Monroe from Return to Angel Hill in the same series, plus listener favorite Mickle from the Green River Crime novella Weed. While Will Castleton does not appear in this standalone story, the tale stands as further proof of the interconnectedness of nearly all of Bain's work.

David Bain is the author of Gray Lake, the Will Castleton and Riders of the Weird West series, and many other stories, collections, and novels.

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