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    She's a liar.

    She's a thief.

    She's a killer.

    She's his mother.

    And he'll take on the world to save her.

    With his father near death, Judge Whit Mosley launches a search for his mother, who abandoned the family 30 years ago and vanished into the criminal underworld. Hoping to heal the wounds of the past, Whit finds Eve - framed for murder and for stealing five million dollars from a Houston crime cartel desperate to regain their lost power.  

    He has one impossible chance to save his mother: take her on the run, outsmart a gang of sophisticated killers, and find the missing millions. Caught in a nightmare of double crosses and vicious schemers, Whit turns his back on law and order for the one person he most wants to trust but knows the least - a dangerous woman who may be plotting the cruelest deception of all. 

    ©2004 Jeff Abbott (P)2014 Hachette Audio

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