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    'Here! Look here, for this haggard man who shuffles along this deserted road, his soul as bare and barren as the moors around him, his tears cutting through his heart like the road slices this open plain. His name is Covell. Covell the Wandering one. Let us fly toward him on the wings of a crow, and circle above him, looking down at his ragged coat, his tattered hat, his worn old boots and bundle, then let us swoop down in to his brain and listen to the wretch’s thoughts! His voice is a low growl, like the distant rumble of thunder….'

    Pull on your headphones and Horror-fi yourself. 'Revolutionise' is an often overused word; however, this is what Horror-Fi achieve with their new recording technology/process for recording audio drama. Horror-fi’s highly innovative production technique allows you the listener to immerse your aural senses in the very heart of the drama. Listen through head phones and experience the ultra vivid world the 3D Audio recording technique creates inside your mind.

    ©2010 3D Horrorfi Ltd (P)2010 3D Horrorfi Ltd


    "This is another type of experience, another level for audio drama, I have listened to plenty of excellent audio drama by the BBC but Horror-fi makes audio drama even better." (Elena Agullo Bernabeau)

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