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    David Ashton stars in this six-part vintage crime drama.

    A small town in Galloway, on the south-west coast of Scotland. A house strangely unchanged since 1941. A dead nurse. And a lawyer with one million pounds in his bank account - and no idea how it got there....

    Peter Calman is in trouble. His legal firm is on the brink of bankruptcy, his secretary's handed in her notice and his bank manager has cut off his credit. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, his ex-girlfriend Jenny calls, worried about her friend Tim Leighton. She's received a note, supposedly sent by him from an exclusive private hospital - but Tim is a penniless hermit, and illiterate.

    Though the hospital denies all knowledge of Tim, Jenny's sure they're lying - and the mysterious caller on Peter's answerphone agrees. But before he can meet her, she's killed in a hit and run. Suspicion falls on Peter - and when a new German client arrives in town, offering him vast sums to buy a local cottage, the mutterings grow louder. And then Peter's office is ransacked....

    As the mystery deepens, Peter's investigations take him to moonlit Dungrennan Bay....

    Written by Edward Boyd (Castles in Spain, The Same River Twice, The Candle of Darkness), this tightly plotted thriller stars David Ashton, creator of the popular Victorian detective series McLevy, with a cast of veteran Scottish actors including Gregor Fisher (Rab C. Nesbitt).

    Written by Edward Boyd.

    Directed by Patrick Rayner.


    Peter Calman - David Ashton

    Jenny - Stella Forge

    Magda - Vivienne Dixon

    Old Hansford - Ian Stewart

    Constable Archie Douglas/Elphinstone - Robert Paterson

    Jock Matheson - John Shedden

    Bank clerk/Hospital receptionist - Tamara Kennedy

    Piggy Anderson/Donald McLeod/Chief Constable - John Buick

    Nurse Nicolson - Anne Cullen

    Isaiah Dunsmore - Gregor Fisher

    Scholl - Brown Derby

    Mary - Doreen Cameron

    Dr Webber - Sandy Neilson

    Sandy Brill/Clerk - Finlay Welsh

    Walter Hansford - Ronald Aitken

    Supt. Bullivant - Arthur Boland

    Tim Leighton - Tom Criddle

    First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 8th April - 13th May 1984.

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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