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    Curious Tales:

    • 1. “A Joy Ride” by A. J. Alan
    • 2. “The Death Mask” by H. D. Everett
    • 3. “Query” by Austin Small
    • 4. “The Dancing Partner” by Jerome K. Jerome
    • 5. “The Furnished Room” by O. Henry
    • 6. “The Squaw” by Bram Stoker
    • 7. “The Interruption” by W. W. Jacobs
    • 8. “The 19 Club” by A. J. Alan
    • 9. “The Giraffe Problem” by Barry Pain
    • 10. “The Man who Stole a Meeting House” by John Townsend Trowbridge
    • 11. “The Lightning-Rod Man” by Herman Melville
    • 12. “Gabriel-Ernest” by Saki
    • 13. “An Undergraduate's Aunt” by F. Anstey
    • 14. “Major Namby” by Wilkie Collins
    • 15. “The Tale” by Joseph Conrad
    • 16. “The Green Light” by Barry Pain
    • 17. “A Coincidence” by A. J. Alan
    • 18. “The Three Sisters” by W. W. Jacobs
    • 19. “The Siege of Berlin” by Alphonse Daudet
    • 20. “The Marquise” by George Sand
    • 21. “The Mad Veteran of Fort Ratonneau” by Ludwig Achim von Arnim
    • 22. “Comrades” by Maxim Gorky
    • 23. “The Man who was Blind” by Edwin Pugh
    • 24. “A Witch in the Peak” by R. Murray Gilchrist
    • 25. “My Adventure in Jermyn Street” by A. J. Alan
    • 26. “His Brother's Keeper” by W. W. Jacobs
    • 27. “The Singing Lesson” by Katherine Mansfield
    • 28. “The Reverent Father Gaucher's Elixir” by Alphonse Daudet
    • 29. “The Story of a Piebald Horse” by W. H. Hudson
    • 30. “Long Odds” by H. Rider Haggard

    …and sixteen more unusual tales.

    Public Domain (P)2014 Red Door Audiobooks

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