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    When he met her, she needed him...but he realized he might need her more. Every cowboy deserved to find the one. 

    Being on the run, homeless and hungry, wasn’t what single mother, Helena Remington, wanted for her five-year-old daughter, but she’d do anything to save her child. When a twist of fate brought them to Cooper’s Hawk and on the doorstep of a helpful cowboy, things started to look up. After so long, she felt a sense of peace and purpose, but can she hide in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and everything? 

    Hank Hawke wasn’t a stranger to running, even if it didn’t take him far. He’d been dealing with his past since he came home from Iraq with wounds and PTSD. He kept his distance from others because he didn't want his scars under a microscope. Running his bar and volunteering in a search and rescue unit was enough for him....

    Until he met Helena and her daughter, and his eyes were opened to what he’d been missing in his life. 

    Helena and Hank both have trust issues that run deep, but the unexpected connection helped them start to mend and heal. Can they face the hurdles of the past when they come crashing in? Are they strong enough to challenge the enemy, both invisible and real? To find happiness, they’ll have to fight for it, because trust isn't always easy to keep. 

    ©2021 Rhonda Lee Carver (P)2021 Rhonda Lee Carver

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