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    On the eve of Fourth of July, they crashed from the sky. An army of beautiful, mighty, bloody perfections. They wrecked the world until he came. Their Commander. And he has a war plan for us all.

    Julia - the mortal

    I’m scrounging for food in an abandoned Bel Air mansion when an angel catches me - and I try to kill him. Instead of swatting me like a mortal fly, he strikes the ground with his sword...and I’m transported, wounded and alone, to some kind of medieval science-fiction fantasy world.

    There must be some reason the archangel - all gorgeous, bloody perfection with massive wings and a deadly kilt - spared me. No mortal is supposed to remember when the angels fell. But I do, and I’m marked with a secret that could turn the tables, and send this beautiful angel straight to hell.

    Commander - the archangel

    In my world, everything - and everyone - submits to my will. Mortals who retain memories of before are eliminated. I should eliminate this one, too. But something about her tugs at my very soul. So I’ve decided to keep her. 

    When I discover she’s a pawn, I discover something else about her. She may be mortal, but she’s not weak. And I’ll fight to my last shred of power to save her before her sanity - and her life - are torn from me.

    ©2020 Milana Jacks (P)2020 Milana Jacks

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