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    Secrets to Fearless Conversation

    You'll never feel like an outsider again when you use the secret communication techniques revealed in this program. You'll be able to recognize the 10 common phrases you should never use in everyday conversation. You will be appropriate and engrossing with the Small Talk Secret Checklist. You'll also learn the magic words that soften up even the toughest talkers. With this program you'll even learn how to play "conversation hardball" and win!

    With Conversation Confidence, you'll learn communication skills mastered by politicians, celebrities, and other public figures! What you'll learn:

    • Conversation Confidence is designed to help you communicate anywhere, anytime, anyplace and with anyone with absolute confidence.
    • How to make an unforgettable first impression
    • How to walk into a room full of strangers and strike up small talk.
    • How to lead from small talk into deeper, more meaningful communication
    • How to handle difficult people
    • Techniques for conversing with strangers
    • Six ways to control the conversation flow
    • The common 10 phrases you should not use

    This fantastic program is designed to improve your conversation skills and confidence when communicating with people from all walks of life. These skills can be used in all business, personal, and social settings.

    ©1999 Easy Eloquence LLC (P)1999 Easy Eloquence LLC

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