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The Way You Feel Influences the Way You See the World: It Makes So Much Sense
Sprecher: Eric Morrison
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 38 Min.

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How would it feel to let go of fear, understand the importance of the right mindset, and do the things that you really want?

Overcoming Mistakes

A mistake is nothing more than a miss-take, a misstep on your journey through life and therefore should be considered as a stepping stone on your path that can be utilized to get you back on track to where you want to go.

When you forgive yourself or others, you;

  • Free up energy being ploughed into anger, resentment, frustration, or holding a grudge, and put it to better use as you move forwards.
  • Choose happiness over licking old wounds and replaying hurtful events from the past over and over in your mind.
  • Understand and accept that the negative emotions of guilt, regret anger or frustration do not serve you well, and you move on.
  • Ask yourself: What can I learn from this? What positives can come from this? And what do I gain by holding on to this anger, resentment, and guilt?

Emotions vs. Values

There can be so much conflict in this space, even with beliefs. Values are your guidance system, the bottom limiters to ensure you don't go too far beyond the boundaries of the track, but on the other side of the track are your beliefs, and they can also limit you in terms of how far you go.

The values you have in life can be influenced by faith, culture, or any number of other reasons; your values are important to you, but not necessarily the rest of the world, and the things you value in life are the foundations you build on in daily life.

  • Do you value travel?
  • Do you value cultural experience?
  • Do you value financial wealth?
  • Do you value the positive emotions you get from others?

Dealing with Fear

Fear is not in the unknown, fear is in the knowing. It's in knowing that if you fail to follow through with what you want, you may enter a space where resentment comes in. The resentment is internal, an internal frustration you're going to have to live with every day from the moment you fail to take an action.

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