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    You will never quite know how many opportunities you have missed by lacking a little self-confidence when you need it most.

    Whether it's nailing that job interview, speaking in front of a crowd, or asking that someone on a date. All too often people fall short in these moments as they aren't equipped with the cutting edge confidence to adequately deal with them.

    Not anymore.

    James Daugherty is an intelligence expert and former CIA spy who specializes in all forms of communication. But there's one thing that underpins everything, confidence. It's what keeps spies alive.

    However, he never realized quite how much his intelligence tactics on building general confidence, prepping for specific assignments, or dealing with stressful situations on the fly would help everyday people in civilian life.

    Imagine how different your life could be if you were able to operate optimally in every situation.

    In this eye-opening and engaging book, Daugherty gives listeners a firsthand look into the trials and tribulations he dealt with in the field as a CIA operative and no-nonsense guide revealing how to:

    • Build general overriding confidence (that lasts)
    • Step-by-step strategies to overcome limiting beliefs
    • Prepping for important "missions" (interviews, meetings, dates) you have prior warning for
    • Positive visualization techniques
    • Body language tips for making a great first impression
    • Breakdown and use of the OODA loop process to efficiently deal with stressful situations
    • Spy tactics to deal with social anxiety on the fly

    ©2016 James Daugherty (P)2017 James Daugherty

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