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    Discover the passionate leader within you!

    Dan Foxx has spent more than 50,000 hours face-to-face with over 4,500 top execs from America’s finest companies, from high-flying high techs to promising start-ups. With pressure from boards of directors and investors to deliver dollars and high-ticket IPOs and with expectations from direct reports to make the savvy decisions, these CEOs bare all behind closed doors when their leadership chops are on the line.

    Learn from the leaders and the man who coaches them to success by picking up and learning from the pieces after failures. What you need to be the esteemed leader is already inside you. Foxx taps into the deep human connection to understand the keys to business leadership and shows exactly how to change your heart so that your attitudes and behaviors model what the great leaders do. 

    My promise to you...

    Almost everything you have probably learned about success may be a contributor to the quest for success, but what you learned misses the mark completely about the foundation that creates success.

    A fundamental spark ignites the inferno of massive success that almost all academic training completely misses. That foundation is the human heart. With that in mind, I promise to empower you and show you how to ignite that spark in your heart to create success in your business and personal life. Period.

    Here are the tools to ignite success for you...

    Some of the principles I offer you are as old as humanity walking the face of the earth but explored in a new way, while others will be new to you. Given here are the tools for you to ignite success in relationships, which you will discover is the first necessary step toward success everywhere - at home and in the workplace.

    Real stories, real lessons...

    The dilemma is that while we think we know the principles of success, often we are way off base. If what we were previously taught was all we needed, then we would all be massively successful already today. My job is to reveal to you these principles, through real stories of CEOs and VPs - clients that I have worked with over the past 22 years. It is my deep desire that, through the stories of my work with them, you discover your blind spots and begin to see success in a totally new light.

    Start right here, right now...

    Here is why my promise is different: I am personally committed to you. Starting right here and now, I desperately want you to live fully, wholly, and completely. And I know you can succeed at a life much bigger and bolder than what you may be experiencing now. I am just asking you to believe, just a bit, that what I am promising is true for you.

    ©2019 Dan Foxx (P)2019 Dan Foxx

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