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    Want others to be naturally impressed with you? How about skyrocketing your confidence in any social setting? Improve your people skills and get what you really want from life! Would you like to have more:

    • Friends?
    • Colleagues?
    • Lovers?
    • Confidence?
    • Charisma?
    • And opportunities?

    In Brian Cagneey's The 7 Laws of Communication: The Secrets of Being Comfortable, Confident and Unforgettable with Anyone and The 7 Laws of Confidence: Feel Unstoppable, Destroy Doubt, and Accomplish Your Biggest Goals, you'll learn the essential people skills of social interaction. Brian describes how you can achieve massive success today by relating better with others and taking the lead in social situations. You no longer have to fear social anxiety! Based off principles from classic communication books like How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Have Power and Confidence with People, this book will show you that with the right attitudes, habits, and techniques, you can handle all kinds of audiences, make friends, and present yourself in the best possible light!

    ©2016 Brian Cagneey (P)2017 Shapleigh Publishing

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