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Commander Henry Gallant

The Henry Gallant Saga, Book 4
Sprecher: Theodore Copeland
Serie: The Henry Gallant Saga, Titel 4
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 20 Min.

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Follow the career of a young officer in the 22nd-century genetically engineered space navy.

Henry Gallant thought Alaina loved him, but now she's found someone else. A tidal wave of loss and grief sweep over him, leaving him undecided about what to do next, or how to move forward.

Despite his sorrow, he goes on a dangerous mission to an invading aliens' home world in the Gliese-581 star system. There he uses a neural interface to penetrate their communication network and steals a high-ranking alien's identity. Through this artifice, he learns about their history and society and discovers a way to hinder and possibly defeat them.

A side effect of linking into the alien network - which was created for autistic savants - is that Gallant's mind is stimulated and enhanced to the point where he begins to experience superintelligence abilities.

Upon returning from his mission, there is concern that Gallant might pose a more serious threat than the aliens. While he struggles to fend off those who doubt his loyalty, he fights to win back Alaina.

©2016 Harry Peter Alesso (P)2018 Harry Peter Alesso

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