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    To say things don't always go as planned would be an understatement...

    I met Sarah at the airport.
    And a bit shy.

    She was wobbling on heels that looked a little too big, so I offered her my seat. At first, she rebuffed my invitation, but I convinced her to stay.

    My flight had been delayed and I assumed hers had too. I figured why not spend the time together.

    One drink led to casual conversation - she'd recently been fired, and I'd just attended my ex-fiancée's wedding.

    Three drinks led to getting a little closer - I slid a hand on her thigh and my fingertips under the hem of her skirt.

    Five drinks led to a proposition - a hotel room and nothing more.

    After a mind-blowing night of the hottest sex I've ever had, I woke up alone and penniless.

    Turned out Sarah was looking for more - just not more of me. I should never have offered her my seat. I should never have drunk so much. And I never should have fallen asleep.

    Not the smartest thing I've ever done.

    Then again, who would have thought my self-proclaimed one-night stand would screw me in more than the literal sense.

    That hooking up with Sarah would jeopardize everything I've worked for.

    That Sarah wasn't really Sarah.

    If she thinks things are over between us - she's wrong.

    Turns out, fate didn't throw me the bird after all.

    "Sarah" doesn't know it yet but she picked the same tropical island to escape to as I did.

    Can you say - payback?
    I can.
    Karma baby.

    Or that's what I thought - until I fell for her.

    Too bad things don't always go as planned....

    ©2018 Kim Karr (P)2019 Audible, Inc.

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