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    From African American to Asian American, indigenous to immigrant, "multiracial" to "mixedblood," the diversity of cultures in this world is matched only by the diversity of stories explaining our cultural origins: stories of creation and destruction, displacement and heartbreak, hope and mystery.

    With writing from Jamaica Kincaid on the fallacies of national myths, Yusef Komunyakaa connects the toxic legacy of his hometown, Bogalusa, LA, to a blind faith in capitalism, and bell hooks relating the quashing of multiculturalism to the destruction of nature that is considered "unpredictable" - amongst more than 35 other examinations of the relationship between culture and nature - this collection points toward the trouble of ignoring our cultural heritage, but also reveals how opening our eyes and our minds might provide a more livable future.

    ©2011 Selection, arrangement, and introduction by Alison H. Deming and Lauret E. Savoy. Individual contributions are protected by copyright and gratefully reprinted with permission. 'Birth Witness,' by Ofelia Zepeda, reprinted with permission from 'Where Clouds Are Formed.' 2009 by the University of Arizona Press. 'In History,' 1997 by Jamaica Kincaid, reprinted with permission of the Wylie Agency, Inc. 'Burning the Shelter' by Louis Owens, reprinted with permission from 'Mixedblood Messages: Literature, Film, Family, Place.' 1998 by the University of Oklahoma Press. (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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