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    Enter the Carnival of Monsters, a bizarre and hilarious world of sketches, stories and characters, presented by the sinister Ringmaster. Meet such monstrous yet strangely familiar oddities as: Thwor - the mighty (but Leeds-based) god of Thwunder; Len Parker - Nottingham-born martial arts and transformers enthusiast; Anna Mann - outrageous star of such forgotten silver screen hits such as Rogue Baker, Who's for Turkish Delight and A Bowl for My Bottom; and many more. 

    Writers Guild Award winner Colin Hoult is best known for his highly acclaimed starring roles in Being Human, Life's Too Short and Derek (with Ricky Gervais) and Russell Howard's Good News, as well as his many hit shows at the Edinburgh Festival.

    ©2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd (P)2019 BBC Worldwide Ltd

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